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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man


Kid gets bit by a spider and develops "Spidey-sense."  Need more?  Okay, he also tries to attract the girl he has the hots for all while fighting crime night after night and foiling the plans of whatever supervillian.


After the Toby McGuire trilogy I was very apprehensive about watching this one.  I actively hated the first three movies.  Since this was the movie choice for family night, and I was WAY WAY WAY to ill to resist or even get up and leave the room, so I ended up laying there and watching this version.  I gotta say, I like what they did with it.  It was a sort of reinvention, like Batman, only with keeping the comic feel.

I was THRILLED that the love interest was Gwen and not Mary-Jane.  (It doesn't hurt that I like Emma Stone and don't care for Kirsten Dunst.)  I also like the guy they got to play Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield).  Although I am a fan of Toby McGuire, I though he did a poor job at Spider-Man and I like this guy better.  He seemed to have a good grasp of how to do comedy and serious without over-doing either.

The effects were about on par with the first series, but the story was better written in this version.  It was able to keep that comic book feel without going into the realm of ridiculous and cheesy.  I like that they didn't go with one of the well known supervillians and instead went the way of The Lizard.  I don't know if that was actually one of the villains from the comic books since I was always more of an X-Men fan then Spider-Man, or if it was the writers take on the Green Goblin (which it seemed to be), but I liked it.  I also like how instead of just defeating the villain  Spider-Man tried to help him since he had a personal relationship with Dr. Connors before he turned bad.  It sort of reinforces the good, helpfulness of Spider-Man instead of just making him the hero that battles the bad-guy.

I liked this one enough that I am hoping this is not the end of the line and that there are more movies to come.

Kid safe:  Yep.  In fact, I would recommend this movie for kids.  I think they do throw a few "crap"s or "hell"s in there, but nothing overly colorful.

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