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Monday, December 23, 2013

House of Wax (1953)


Someone is killing people and stalking a woman.  In the meantime, it is giving the House of Wax plenty of subjects for their displays.  But who is killing these people?


This is another Vincent Price classic.  I absolutely love that man.  And he delivers another great performance in this movie as the proprietor of the House of Wax.  Having once been a sculptor who lost the use of his hands and legs in a fire years before, he now oversees the artwork of his employees for the house's displays.

The story-line is a good one, if a little bit expectant.  You see the twists and turns coming and it's not hard to figure out, but enough stuff is happening to be able to keep your attention and over look the fact that you see stuff coming.

The bad part about this is that it is very similar to Chamber of Horrors (1966).  At first, when I watched CoH I thought it might be a sequel to this movie, but it's not.  They are two different movies with similar sets.  Very similar sets.  It wouldn't surprise me to find out that the set producer was the same for both movies.

But other than that I found myself really enjoying this movie.  it is definitely a must see for any Vincent Price fans.

Kid safe:  Yes.  While this is a movie about murder there is no gore or anything like that here.

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