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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Carnival of Sinners

Not to be confused with Carnival of Souls, this is a foreign film and requires reading of subtitles.


A down on his luck artist buys a talisman for a penny.  Really he bought it with his soul.  Realizing he bought more than he bargained for, after the Devil shows up and offers to let him buy his soul back, he tries to fix things.


Being hard of hearing, reading subtitles are nothing new for me.  Even when watching English speaking movies and shows I normally have the Closed-captioning on.  For that reason it is easy for me to watch foreign films without being distracted from what is going on and focusing on the story.  That's good too because this was an interesting one.  It starts out with the man who bought the talisman showing up at an out of the way inn with a mysterious package.  All the other people staying there think he is a strange man and stay away from him. Well, he IS acting strange and after the power goes out and his package disappears, he lightens up and tells his story of how he came to own the talisman, all the way to when he arrives at the inn.

I really liked this movie.  The acting was pretty good.  I really like the actor they got for the part of the artist.  And the story is a good one.  Not to complicated, but not boring either.  Just a few twists, but enough to make it interesting.  And the sets are pretty cool.  The artists house is amazing and makes me wonder if they made it or if they used an actual house.

The only thing that I really see as a bad thing is it's in French.  I may be biased though.  Actually, I know I am.  I absolutely HATE French.  It just sounds bad in my ears and I never understood how it was the language of romance.  I would rather listen to Italians, who always sound angry with each other, before French, but even that didn't distract from this being a good movie.

Kid safe:  Yes, this is an old black and white and there is no gore or even any violence until a fight scene at the end that really isn't anything at all.

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