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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thir13en Ghosts


A family inherits a house from a dead relative only to find that there are 12 ghosts being held captive in the basement.  The only way to see these ghosts are by special glasses.  Things happen and the family gets trapped in the house as the ghosts are set loose one-by-one.  Somehow they have to survive.


First let me state that this is a remake.  While I normally hate with a passion don't care for remakes, the first time I saw this one I was unaware of that fact.  Since then I have seen the original.  The two are slightly different while keeping some things the same.

This version...well, i guess the best way to put it is that while the story is a bit weak the movie itself is done well.  Visually it's kind of nice.  The effects and costumes are well done and creepifying.  The props (the house and glasses) are interesting.  The cast was well chosen also.

It's kind of nice to see Tony Shalhoub in something other than a anxiety ridden detective.  I think many people forget he had jobs before Monk.  He was the cabbie on Wings (for those of you who remember that show), was Jeebs in Men In Black and also showed up in Spy Kids.  Then you have Shannon Elizabeth.  Who doesn't like Ms. Hottie from American Pie or Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?  And you also have Matthew Lillard from Scream and Scooby-Doo.  All of which give good performances.

Basically this is a good movie, but I just can't get over the weakness of the story-line   However, being that it is a remake, I understand that there are only so many liberties that can be taken.  I still enjoy myself when watching this movie and have very few sarcastic comments while I'm watching it.  That's a good thing, by the way.  I'm very critical as far as movies are concerned.  (In case you haven't noticed by the fact that I started a blog to *ahem* criticize things.)

Kid safe:  No!  There is one female ghost who constantly walks around naked and plenty of swearing.  Not to mention the ghosts (something that normally scares kids) are attacking and killing people.  If you watch this on the SyFy channel (as I have) they do blur out the nudity and silence the language so it's not so bad and more watchable for older kids, but the violence is still uncut.

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