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Monday, November 26, 2012

Chamber of Horrors


A man kills a woman and marries her corpse.  After being caught for the murder, by the proprietors of a House of Wax, he cuts off his own hand in order to escape before murdering the men responsible for his original capture.


I liked this movie.  I thought the sets were very well done.  The story was well written also.  The acting was good.  There were only two problems I had with this film.

First, the idea that the police would involve someone like a wax museum owner on a police case is bull to me.  For the police to actively ask the owners to help, well, I can't believe it.  Second, to keep people from fainting or having heart attacks, the film makers inserted a flashing red screen at the "scary" parts.  While I understand why this was done, it was very distracting and caused a disconnect with the movie.  Years, ago this may have been necessary for movie going, but today it just reminds you that you are watching a movie and just as things are happening and you're getting into it, a red screen with a loud noise pulls you out of that.

Other than those things though, I really liked it.  I easily got into the movie even though it begins by letting you know who the killer is.  There isn't really any "mystery" to this movie, it's mostly suspense.  And the story does provide that.  It's 1966's suspense, so really not THAT suspenseful  but if you like older movies you can appreciate it.

Kid safe:  Yes.  The "scary" parts of this movie are really not that scary, and there is no nudity, foul language and the violence is not actually shown, but more insinuated.

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