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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stephen King's It


There's a freaky clown killing kids every 30 years and it's up to seven kids who banded together (The Losers Club) to kill it.  They think they did, but they aren't sure and promise to come back if "It" comes back.

It does.  (HA!!!  It.  Get it?!?  I didn't do that intentionally, but it works so I'm leaving it.)

So now the same kids, now adults, have to come together and kill the clown once and for all.


Though this is, in my opinion, one of the better Stephen King adaptations, it's still a made for T.V. mini-series.  It tends to get a bit ridiculous and cheesy in some parts, but overall is still good.  Tim Curry couldn't have done a better job pulling off Pennywise the creepy ass clown.  Okay, clowns are creepy to begin with, but this movie proves why they are.  Then you have the rest of the cast.  John Ritter, Annette O'Toole, Harry Anderson, Seth Green and quite a few others.  I love the location they found for the Barrens and it took me a while to eat Chinese food after watching this.  (Although I do want a fortune cookie with fangs, but maybe as a wind up toy.  Not as something that wants to eat me.)

If I have a complaint about this movie, it's a similar complaint that I have with most movies that are adapted from books.  That is that there could have been MORE from the book in the movie.  There were some things in the book that I would have liked to see that weren't there and some things that were there that didn't need to be.

But again, if you keep in mind that is was a made for T.V. movie, it did a pretty good job.  Defiantly not the worst Stephen King adaptation.

Kid safe:  I would say it would be okay for older kids.  Being a T.V. movie there is no swearing or nudity, but the clown may not sit well with younger kids who still associate them with fun and happiness.

IMDB link to Stephen King's It:

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  1. I agree. This is one of the few movies based off a book that I truly like. Maybe its because I read the book as a kid with my bestie and then we stayed up late one night and watched it so I associate it with a happy time in my life or maybe because I saw it so young that it still gives me the heebie-jeebies... I dunno, but I do love this movie (even with all its made-for-TV corniness.


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